Who Sang Make It a Slow Boogie? Rockapella

Release information
Release Date: 1992-5-21
length: 2:18

Takashi Matsumoto and Yoshitaka Minami, English lyric Ralph McCarthy)
Won't you hold me close, little girl
One more time before you go
You know I've been good to you baby
You may be sorry one day
I won't beg for another chance
But why must you hurry so?
All I ask is for one more dance
Before I just let you slip away
Make it a slow slow boogie
With a steady, easy roll
Something groovable to rock away
The blues deep in my soul
I know you've been wounded before
And I know you're not to blame
But sometimes everyone has to lose
It's just a crazy part of the game
Make it a slow slow boogie
Make it last the whole night long
Let me dream that I won't wake up
Tomorrow to find you gone
Won't you close your eyes, little girl
If I she'd a tear or two
And though I might be losing you tonight
I don't know what I'm supposed to do, pretty baby
My slow boogie baby, my groovable, loseable
Mamamajamama, oh yeah, oh yeah

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