Who Sang Olivia (I'm Listening)? Rockapella

Release information
Release Date: 1992-5-21
length: 4:58

Rockapella One To Ny
Olivia (I'm Listening)
(Ami Ozaki, English lyric Ralph McCarthy)
Olivia, come over here
Something's wrong, at least that much is clear
Didn't we say we'd be honest with each other?
I feel for you, but I can't read your mind
You say you don't want to talk
You just sip your jasmine tea and sigh
We may be tempted just to close our eyes
But we both know love isn't blind
* Baby, don't turn away
Tell me face to face
Is it something that said or didn't say?
Making good things better
Isn't that what love's about?
It won't work if we don't work it out
** Maybe I haven't been
The most sensitive of men
But I'm listening now, Olivia
Last night as you lay asleep
I couldn't help but wonder what you dreamed
You whispered "yes," and softly through the curtain
The moonlight fell upon you like a veil
My love for you is so deep
And though I try to find the words, I always fail
Without your love I'd drift with no direction
Just like a ship, a ship without a sail
* ** Repeat
* Repeat
Oh, maybe I haven't been
Much of a lover or a friend
But I'm listening now, Olivia...

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