Who Sang Twenties? Rockie Fresh

Rockie Fresh Driving 88 cover art
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Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:54
When I was just a young'un I had dreams of riding twenties
Chilling with my homies and we all in our twenties
Better than expected, we ain't locked up doing twenty
Out here trying to get it while we living in our twenties
Counting hella twenties, counting hella twenties
I was playing 2K and beat a nigga by twenty
Chilling with the vets, even though I'm still a rookie
Got a lot of living left, trying to get it in my twenties

[Verse 1:]
Rockie Fresh is still the truth, when they doubt I show 'em proof
Started at the flow, then my flow took me through the roof
Put money into my future, could've bought a coupe
And now Nike gave me shoes, and I ain't got a hoop
A lot of people always ask me how I did this
I tell 'em I work hard, then I try to mind my business
Do the best I can, but I cannot grant your wishes
And I burn a lot of trees, but I never burn bridges
And the reason I be smoking, cause some shit blow me to no end
The old me would go in, but I'm older now and I'm growing
Yeah, the old me would go in
But right now I can't trip, cause I know I'm going


[Verse 2:]
And I'm still doing what I choose, getting paid, paying dues
Go by one rule: what it is never lose
Bape army, I'm a troop, stepping hard like a Nupe
Big blunt blowing, you would think a nigga played the flute
Losers not in my crew, little homie you can scoop
You ain't talking money then you might as well be put on mute
Fiending a financial conversation
And I'm too focused, I can't even see no confrontation
Now they put me in the basement, I'm so high so I ain't with it
That is no place for the young, fly, and gifted
And when I was a shawty that's how I thought I would get it
Started as a dream, now I really get to live it


Digital Media 1
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  • 2 Driving 88
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  • 4 Dont Worry
  • 5 You a Lie
  • 6 Turn It Up
  • 7 Twenties
  • 8 How We Do
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  • 10 No Fear
  • 11 Respected
  • 12 Interlude
  • 13 Where I Wanna Be
  • 14 Doesn't Matter
  • 15 I Love It
  • 16 So Long

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    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin