I’m Back Lyrics - Roger Whittaker

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length: 3:20
Verse 1:

I crossed over every ocean and I've sailed the seven seas
and I've had the great good fortune to journey where I pleased

I've flown my plane to places where others seldom fly
and I've sung my songs and made my friends and then said my goodbyes


I'm back I'm back I'm back where I belong

I'm back with all the folks I knew, where the call of home is strong

I can see the world has changed you, I can see it in your smile
but you're really just the same my friend so I'd like to stay a while

Verse 2:

I can talk about the eskimos in the arctic cold

and i've seen the glory that was Rome seen history unfold

i've seen the mighty Amazon and tigers in Bengal
i've flown the river Rhine where the lorrelais fall


Verse 3:

Now I've seen the many wonders in the good old USA
and I've sung my songs in Nashville and made movies in L.A

I've seen the rocky mountains and Boston in the fall
and I met a million people I must say I love them all

Chorus x2

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