Who Sang Hummanizzimo? Roine Stolt

Roine Stolt The Flower King cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Rock
Style: Prog Rock
length: 20:54
A. Twilight Flower

Midnight, you take me down to the waters
Slow down, I've seen too much and too soon
Dreamtime, the night belong to the lovers
Secret, the child belong to the moon
Hold on to your love, cause suddenly it's all over
Hold back the silent hour of dawn
Twilight will seal the lips of your lover
Flower, you fear the time when she's gone

B. The Messenger

Woke up one night, someone's calling my name, he said:
"You cannot face me and then be the same
You got to change your direction, do you hear me son?
Somebody has to pay for the damage done".
It's the human nature of things
you better look out........
"Now, careful son with this thing called life
Hold on to your own children, make love to your wife
Deep down you know well, when you're doin' wrong
you'd rather be a saint, but then temptation's too strong"
It's the human nature of things
You better shape up, for the Flower King
You know time has come to turn the stone
now you must help me out, I can't make it alone
It's the human nature of things
you better look out for the Flower King
"Here comes the King".

C. The Nail

Say a prayer for the human race
when looking down from a wheel in s___e
Can we put an end to the mindless war
Do they still remember what they're fighting for
With the blood of Jesus on the nail
we turn the balance on a scale
In pain and fearless suffering
lies a message from the King of Kings
See the mindless masses so dangerous
saying "you don't belong here-you are not one of us"
soon the cities crawl, living under the gun
and they feed on hate for the different one


Did someone pray for the long lost souls
or the tired ones who lost their goal
When the seventh angel rise his sword
Can you hear the one voice of the Lord

D. Only Human

Walking tall, I'm coming your way
I've got nothing to give, I've got nothing to say
sometimes feeble, sometimes lost
only human, I carry no cross
Even if the Raven fly, women weep and children cry
we turn our back to the evil days, enter in the hall of grace
And even if the day goes by, you sometimes seem to wonder why
Aquiring the better days with a smile upon your face
Walking the Broadway in the blaze of fame
look for one of a kind, they look all the same
Sometimes mistress, sometimes Queen
somone's lost in between
She might be brilliant, She might be star
she's only human, we all know who you are
Even if the spirit fly and voices of angels passing by
we're puzzled by the speed of light
in starships in the starless night
And even if we're far from home, like strangers in a waiting room
Mothers whisper nursey rhymes, like childhood days
in a long lost time

E. This Is The Night

This is the night, so cold and lonely
This is the night, the one and only
This is the night, so cold and lonely
This is the time, this is the season
This is your life, this is the reason
This true love, this is the story
Open your heart, open your eyes
just like a child and realize

F. The River Of Love

We go down the river of love, river of love........
Now you know that you're free, when you're out in the fields
This is all that is you, this is all that is true
When the time of the seeker is done
you rise like a bird to the sun, safe in your daddy's arms
It's all you can dream of, it's all you can see, love
it's all in his name, love this is no game, love
You know, no one flies higher, not even on a silver wire
So hold on to the Flower of Love

CD 1
  • 1 The Flower King
  • 2 Dissonata
  • 3 The Magic Circus of Zeb
  • 4 Close Your Eyes
  • 5 The Pilgrims Inn
  • 6 The Sounds of Violence
  • 7 Hummanizzimo
  • 8 Scanning the Greenhouse