You Look at You Lyrics - Rollins Band

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Release information
Release Date: 1987
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Hard Rock
length: 3:32
membranophone: Sim Cain
lead vocals: Henry Rollins
recording engineer: Geoff Clout
guitar: Chris Haskett
bass guitar: Andrew Weiss
writer: Henry Rollins, Chris Haskett, Andrew Weiss, Sim Cain
Losin' to myself again
Livin' in a dream again
Livin' on a lie again

I've got do something and I've got to do it now
I've gotta get to somethin' but I know I don't know how
Always keepin' busy takin' other people's change
I know I'm not afraid to push it but I'm too afraid to ask it
Back to myself again
Forget my name again
Hate my guts again
Parted my friends again
You look at you
You look at you

Lookin' toward myself and all the people that I see
Wonder what they're seein' when they're lookin' back at me
I tell you that I hate you but you know that's just a lie
You know that I don't mean it I'm the one that I despise

Losin' my grip again
Start to slip again
Stand in line again
Look at my mind again
You look at you
You look at you

Can you deal with it
Can you deal with it, deal with it, deal with it, deal with it, deal with it

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