Who Sang Skit? Ron Ron

Release information
Release Date: 2008
length: 4:34

"Thank you for calling the--"


"I will be... Please hold."

I'm grimey. I like-- I still get head from crackhead.



Yo this Cam, man.

"What's up?"

What's the deal neal though *****?

"Nothin, I'm chillin."

"What's happenin?

"Nothin, I'm chillin."

I was just thinkin about the head you gave me yesterday, that **** was kinda good.

"{laughs} So you decided to call."

No doubt. I really came to see if you were comin to the orgy this weekend.


On most likely Saturday.


Yeah. You got lengerie right?

"Of course."

Alright, alright. You say you ain't ****in with no *****es. I told some *****es about you already, they said they wanted to eat you, they was ready.

"Oh my God! What's wrong? They don't even know me. They've never even seen me."

I told em a little description you know.

"Uh uh."

A little boom, boom, boom.

"You gotta stop playin.

No I told them you don't get down. My *****s is ready though.

"How you say your *****s is ready?"

You act like you gonna be the only girl.

CD 1
  • 1 Yup...I'm Bacc!!! Re-Intro
  • 2 Skit
  • 3 FrankEinstein
  • 4 Can't Tell Me Nothin
  • 5 Fresh Part 2 (feat. D Loc & Cash Image)
  • 6 Ricc-James (feat. P Da Thiz Kid & Filthy Fattz)
  • 7 Dumbstutardial
  • 8 Turf Alumni
  • 9 Haterz (feat. YELLABOY)
  • 10 Movie Trailer
  • 11 Problem (feat. Riv Locc Prod. by Boy GeneYus)
  • 12 D-Boy (feat. D Loc)
  • 13 Walkin N The Rain (feat. Ricc R.A.W.)
  • 14 Addiction
  • 15 Not My Girlfriend
  • 16 Feels Good to Be a Gangsta (feat. Devi)
  • 17 Checc
  • 18 Thinkin Out Loud
  • 19 Gangsta
  • 20 Windows Droppin'
  • 21 Fifties (feat. Rondoe, Reece Loc "The Beast", Devi, & Young Fate)
  • 22 [untitled]