Who Sang Thinkin Out Loud? Ron Ron

Release information
Release Date: 2008
length: 3:42
Thinking out loud
Is all I'm doing
Trying to raise my love
Above the ruins

With each song
I kick it around,
My love I can tell

There's a load on your mind
If we poured ourselves
Like this bottle of wine
And let it flow,

We'll figure it out
Thinking out loud
But it's hard to think with all the racket
Going on inside our heads

All this worrying is getting us nowhere
Let's go somewhere instead
Just thinking out loud
Is it all we're good for?

Trying to raise our love
But always falling short
Heaven knows
What it's all about

Thinking out loud
With each song
I kick it around
Thinking out loud

CD 1
  • 1 Yup...I'm Bacc!!! Re-Intro
  • 2 Skit
  • 3 FrankEinstein
  • 4 Can't Tell Me Nothin
  • 5 Fresh Part 2 (feat. D Loc & Cash Image)
  • 6 Ricc-James (feat. P Da Thiz Kid & Filthy Fattz)
  • 7 Dumbstutardial
  • 8 Turf Alumni
  • 9 Haterz (feat. YELLABOY)
  • 10 Movie Trailer
  • 11 Problem (feat. Riv Locc Prod. by Boy GeneYus)
  • 12 D-Boy (feat. D Loc)
  • 13 Walkin N The Rain (feat. Ricc R.A.W.)
  • 14 Addiction
  • 15 Not My Girlfriend
  • 16 Feels Good to Be a Gangsta (feat. Devi)
  • 17 Checc
  • 18 Thinkin Out Loud
  • 19 Gangsta
  • 20 Windows Droppin'
  • 21 Fifties (feat. Rondoe, Reece Loc "The Beast", Devi, & Young Fate)
  • 22 [untitled]