Who Sang Cold Enough? Rose Hill Drive

Rose Hill Drive Rose Hill Drive cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-8-22
Genre: Rock Blues
Style: Blues Rock
length: 4:07
I'm cold enough to kill her

And I'm hot enough to thrill her

Women done set the roof on fire

Smokin her friends out for desire


Livin on daddy's dollar a day

Smokin and drinkin the good stuff away

Now nobody knows just who to believe

But the whites in her eyes were easy to see

And heaven knows I told you so

Women done set herself on fire

She couldn't move, a paralyzed liar


Thanks to razvan

CD 1
  • 1 Showdown
  • 2 Cold Enough
  • 3 Cool Cody
  • 4 The Guru
  • 5 In the Beginning...
  • 6 Brain Novocaine
  • 7 Declaration of Independence
  • 8 It's Simple
  • 9 Raise Your Hands
  • 10 Man on Fire
  • 11 Reptilian Blues
  • 12 Cross the Line