Who Sang Better Days? Rufus

Rufus Ask Rufus cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1977
length: 4:17
writer: Richard Holland, Chaka Khan
It's not the way you smile that makes me realize
I think I love you
It just might be that all my life I've been searchin? for
Someone just like you

Takin' my time
Everything's fine
I call you by the phone
Nobody's home

We?ve got better days
There'll be better days
We've got better days

I don't know why but I wanna cry
Every time you touch me
I?ve givin' up, just can't help it
In your arms is where I'd rather be

I just can't hide it
So I decided to give
Stored away, I've got the strength to live

There'll be better days
We've got better days
There?ll be better days

Better days, better days

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