This Time Around Lyrics - Ruthie Henshall

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Genre: Pop
length: 4:13
When I slept in this bed
The future seemed so far ahead
I had only one choice to make
When I believed in love

My Mom would say ...
Things were as they should be
When Charlie was my true destiny
Everyone was wearing a smile
When were drunk with dreams

We used to talk about forever
I believed in the fairytale
I remember the boy who climbed in my window
In the moments between kisses I would tremble inside
The last time I was here my feelings led me everywhere
He kissed away my fears
I was caught up in the way he said my name

If I knew then what I know now
Would I wind up the same anyhow?
How many times I have I wondered that?
Well now, guess what?
I'll know

Time changes hearts I know it does
I'm not afraid to make my life my own
I'll find out who I am and who I was
I'll take this chance I've found

I was blind, but not this time
Undefined, but not this time

Now when I think about tomorrow
I can feel possibilities
I can try any crazy scheme that excites me
In these moments between lifetimes I can fantasise
Oh yes
This time while I'm here
I can look ahead to everything
I know what's gonna be
And I'm not afraid of anything
I'm young again once more
And youth will not be wasted here on me

I was blind, but not this time
I'll define my life this time
The choice is mine to get it right this time
I believe what I feel
What my soul needs to heal
This time around

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