Who Sang Stanzerl? Sacriversum

Release information
Release Date: 2003-5-26
length: 5:53
I'm your treasure. I'm your young girl
Like a flower, always fresh and wet
I'm your muse that make you stronger
Even though the music's out of your head
Stay with me, dear Stanzerl. Make me happy, my sweet girl
You're my muse, you're my maid. Keep my power, keep my faith...

Writing tons of various notes, you have no time to remember
Where are your important hopes, what's the sense of life-you're still in gear
So I do the life for you, 'cause your genius need a special care
And your music must be true, what would you do without me there?
Stay with me...

I'm your treasure...

Don't leave me, please-stay here. Without you I'll burn in fear
Without you I can't exist-like a bird gone with the mist...

Writing tons of various notes...
I'd die in pain, burn in fear, lost in darkness, misery
I'd fall in torment, die in pain, without suffer, dead again...

I'm your treasure...

Don't leave me...

CD 1
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  • 3 Young Traveller
  • 4 Count Coloredo
  • 5 Lorenzo da Ponte
  • 6 Stanzerl
  • 7 Haffner in D
  • 8 Salieri
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