Who Sang Impending Doom? Sadistic Intent

Release information
Release Date: 1990
length: 3:20
Running searching looking for the top
Using lies and they're never gonna stop
Another one commanding
They're almost all the same
Feeding of society
Power is the gain
Bullshit propaganda is
what is used today
Blind to the truth, people obey
Lurking with their lucid tales
They'll try to fool you
Manipulating more and more
The apocalypse is now!!!

People at the top
Political glory
Making more weapons
Leading us to war
Impending doom!

Mass obliteration is the final blow
Nuclear destruction is
what we're headed to

Impending doom!
(Repeat last two verses)

Time to start and time to act
Face your fears and face the facts
Many people in several nations
Dying slowly by starvation
Many people live in fear
Cause the end is almost near
We've always had this murking gloom
And now we're helpless
Impending Doom!

(repeat last verse)

7" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Lurking Terror
  • 2 Existence
  • 3 Morbid Faith
  • 4 Impending Doom