Who Sang Lurking Terror? Sadistic Intent

Release information
Release Date: 1990
length: 6:22
All I feel nothingness
Rage before my eyes
Nothing to base my life upon
Everything disguised
Total black, just emptiness
Felt inside my head
My choice of life
A life with death
I watch the sky turn red

Locked alone inside a room
I'm counting off the days
My mind is blank, my body's numb
Deceased in every way
Slip into an empty void
To try and find my place
My crippled soul, laid to rest
Death I will embrace
Now that the end looks
As it draws so near
My mind and body get stricken
With terror, death and fear

Lurking terror strikes my mind
Tolls of bells bring on death signs
Horrified madness immolates my soul
Can't escape, is it time to go?
Terror strikes, it blinds my sight
Death flashes all through my mind
Fear is cast, the end is near
Horrified terror, death and fear

Leave my world to try and find
Something I don't know
Unsure I leave my state of mind
Uncertain I should go
Looking for solutions
Many problems I can't solve
Alone I sit back in my chair
And feel my mind dissolve

7" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Lurking Terror
  • 2 Existence
  • 3 Morbid Faith
  • 4 Impending Doom