Who Sang Morbid Faith? Sadistic Intent

Release information
Release Date: 2009-2
length: 4:59
Anguish and the torment
Rages thru a fatal hell
Destroy the life that lies within
End all pain I might as well
Locked away my morbid faith
Left alone to deal with time
Exist alone inside my world
No one's fault, the blame is mine
I face the fear of living death
And dream of nights without the pain
Go on with life as I see best
Continue with my constant strain
I know soon the day will come
When I will leave this earthly state
But until then in pain I'll rest
And live thru my immortal faith!

Morbid faith
Morbid faith

Unhappy with my unchanged world
I'm wanting death to rush inside
Thoughts of hell won't bring me fear
I'm dying slow and can't survive
Continue with my morbid faith
Pray for death and hope it comes
Don't want salvation or your tears
Don't offer help cause I want none
Morbid faith
Morbid faith
Morbid faith
Morbid faith

CD 1
  • 1 Resurrection
  • 2 Asphyxiation
  • 3 Conflict Within
  • 4 Dark Predictions
  • 5 Condemned in Misery
  • 6 A Mass for Tortured Souls
  • 7 Untimely End
  • 8 Ancient Black Earth
  • 9 Funerals Obscure
  • 10 Morbid Faith
  • 11 The Exorcist