Who Sang Angel Eyes? Sadistik

Sadistik The Balancing Act cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-5-1
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious
length: 5:06
Try to find a place in lines that I embrace/
While I strive to find a balance between a time and s___e/
In a microphone.. When Im soundin intense/
I feel like 'Pac on his hospital bed, countin his breaths/
And they still say, Ill never blow on the mic/
Unless I spit a gimmick with some clever jokes cuz Im white/
Im forced to listen to critics just chatter they teeth/
With all their bullshit opinions like it matters to me/
And my closest friends stumble as they mumble and doubt me/
While I try to hold the world as it crumbles around me/
Feel my lungs close, strain harder for breaths/
As the broken dreams I have match the heart in my chest/
And the pressure builds... But without a release/
I know that ya hope floats, but its out of my reach/
Im tired of the masks that we wear (if only)/
You saw my true self youd be scared (to know me)/
But now I finally see what I love is worthless/
Beautys skin deep, but its just a surface/
My shoulders are breaking and my focus is hazy/
Plus my teeth are chipped from biting all the bullets that you gave me/
In the form of lies, and I mistook it as honest/
Took the good with the losses, til the good was just lost, its/
Hard to hold the burdens until my shoulders bleed/
I was forced to flee, until I learned to fly with broken wings/
Across the visions of feelins and all this violent livin/
Of a f___ed up system insistin that I should try to fit in/
But now I can see Im unrelated to you/
Cuz I took off the mask that suffocated the truth/
(If Life) could even worsen, (Then Id) release my burden/
(And try) to be the person, (Who writes) and speaks in perfect/
(Advice) for people hurtin, (Who cries) and fiends for nursing/
(And time) would be a__erted, (To find) a decent purpose/
(But I) am weak and burdened, (I cry) and seek alertness/
(In life) to be the person, (Whos lines) are seen as perfect/
(I try) and seem so worthless, (That life) has demons lurkin/
(That I) defeat the purpose, (And Life) is seen as worthless/

Watch everyday just pass me by/
Slowly corroding and acting fine/
Suffocating on this mask of mine/
Til I run out of breath and I cant survive/
Repeat x2

Through my angel eyes I see the devil's truth
Through my angel eyes I see the devil's truth
Through my angel eyes I see the devil's truth
Through my angel eyes I see...
(Repeat x 4)

I need to get a piece of inhibition (First!)/
And speak another piece of bitter vision (Words!)/
And get a better syndicate of vindicated few/
And I better never let another mitigate the truth/
Cuz Im the better, never get a flow with flaw/
Better with the letters, veteran know it all/
Talk a lot in a song, better hold em off/
I thought I was lost, never fold or fall/
If I could ever get a minute trying to be/
My life independent when Im dying in peace/
I might get a sentiment I write to a beat/
My mind of a veteran, trying to see/
That lifes beautiful, suitable to let go/
Of anything and Ill just survive through it all/
Inner lines intertwined, my mind is livin life/
Grippin mics, livin life in trife its live and die/

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