Who Sang Everyday? Said and Done

Release information
Release Date: 2006
length: 2:04
From the day we are born
Until the day we die
We keep on learning every day
Making mistakes
While trying to break free
We've got to stand on our own

Falling down
And getting up again
Learning from every mistake

Sometimes it will be hard
But in the end
We're all here to learn

We all make mistakes. Again and again, every day. We just have to learn from them. Learning from your mistakes, that's life right there.

CD 1
  • 1 Your Downfall
  • 2 I'll Be Fine
  • 3 Worlds Apart
  • 4 Controlled
  • 5 Overcome
  • 6 Use Your Head
  • 7 Everyday
  • 8 Let It Rain
  • 9 Reflections
  • 10 Wake Up
  • 11 Time
  • 12 No Balance