Who Sang Time? Said and Done

Release information
Release Date: 2006
length: 2:01
I keep running
To stay ahead
I can't beat time
I'll end up behind

People rush
Through their lives
Trying so hard
To keep up the pace
We need a pressure release

But time keeps ticking


Time will not
Get the best of me
I will not bend
I will not break
The last song on the album I wrote lyrics for. I finished this the day before we entered the studio. Not hard to guess where the inspiration came from, right? Anyway, life these days is rushed. People are always busy, there's never enough time. Pretty funny if you consider we invented 'time' ourselves.

CD 1
  • 1 Your Downfall
  • 2 I'll Be Fine
  • 3 Worlds Apart
  • 4 Controlled
  • 5 Overcome
  • 6 Use Your Head
  • 7 Everyday
  • 8 Let It Rain
  • 9 Reflections
  • 10 Wake Up
  • 11 Time
  • 12 No Balance