Who Sang Your Downfall? Said and Done

Release information
Release Date: 2006
length: 1:48
I don't wanna witness your downfall
But you're throwing it all away
Your world is coming down
And you're the one to blame
I just can't understand

Time for you to face yourself
To think it over and make a change
You've got to turn it all around
Full speed ahead
To better days
Full speed ahead
To better ways

This one's about people close to you, those who should rethink their life and the direction it's going. Downhill fast. Talk to them. Hopefully they see the light soon, close off that period in their lives and move forward. To better days.

CD 1
  • 1 Your Downfall
  • 2 I'll Be Fine
  • 3 Worlds Apart
  • 4 Controlled
  • 5 Overcome
  • 6 Use Your Head
  • 7 Everyday
  • 8 Let It Rain
  • 9 Reflections
  • 10 Wake Up
  • 11 Time
  • 12 No Balance