Who Sang Bring That? Saigon

Saigon G.S.N.T. 3: The Troubled Times of Brian Carenard cover art
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Release Date: 2014-9-30
length: 2:37
[phone rings]

-Hello. You have a collect call from-
(Aiyyo Mia, it's me Saigon, pick up the phone.)
To accept charges, please say yes, or say no.

If I ain't writin rhymes, readin or playin Connect Four
I'm on the phone yellin - bruh, accept this collect call
(What's the deal?) Nuttin my real
Just countin the days that I could return to the ville, got a plan that's concernin a mil'
(Nigga ain't you learned that it's real?)
(I thought you was comin home to live earnest and build, not to keep burners concealed)
(Watch, I'ma laugh pullin out the 10 K, just show the cop where you keep the Mac stashed)
Yeah, and I'll beat your black ass
(But nah, shit without you here is so wack)
(You come home sellin blow black then you gon' go back)
You don't know that (uh-huh, 'member Tammy cousin Jon-Jon?)
(Came home from doin six, flipped a brick and started a trunk bump?)
(Bumped into his mom chaperonin, [?])
What she said? (Jon, up there in some jail [?])
(You should know better, I wish I could fuckin hit you)
(You gettin me where?) Shit, I'm only fuckin with you
You know I'm comin home to let my rap name rock on
Take the rap game by storm, have the map sayin Saigon
(You better) Anyway, I'm wonderin if you comin this weekend
(Uh-huh) I need to see you boo and I need for you to be deep and
(What you mean?) Since you bought a pill last week, was kinda right
But go see my nigga Divine tonight, tell him give you the dynamite
in a bundle with china white (what, china white?)
(That shit ain't gon' kill me if that shit get up in my vagina, right?)
Nah, but you might start noddin and throwin up
But if you get that shit up in here baby we blowin up
(What?) You might start noddin and vomitin
But if you like that shit too much, you gon' have a problem then

(What? What you mean I'ma have a problem? Nigga, be ready this weekend)
Aight, aight, remember go see Divine
Tell him I said hit you with that love-love
And, see you this weekend, I love you

Damn, them jail dreams man
Turn this shit off, alright alright I'm up, I'm up!
Crazy night last night man
Fuckin unc' crazier than a muh'fucker
Word man, they might be still lookin for this dude man
All these police out here man
Shit on fire, fire, fire, fire

CD 1
  • 1 Back to Reality
  • 2 Come Alive
  • 3 Street Gospel
  • 4 Definitions from Bryonn Bain
  • 5 Sinner's Prayer
  • 6 My Mama Thinks I'm Crazy
  • 7 Mine, Mine, Mine
  • 8 Let's Get Smart
  • 9 One Foot in the Door
  • 10 Nunya (None of Your Business)
  • 11 Best Mistake
  • 12 Deception
  • 13 Bring That
  • 14 Mechanical Animals
  • 15 Contraband 3 (A, B, C, D)
  • 16 Reincarnation

  • Release information
    label: Squid Ink Squad
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin