Who Sang Let's Get Smart? Saigon

Saigon G.S.N.T. 3: The Troubled Times of Brian Carenard cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-9-30
length: 3:48
The Works of Mart, yeah
{"Plus I'm very smart"}
It's different, just different, yeah!
{"Pl-pl-pl-pl-plus I'm very smart"} Yes
Yes this is Saigon, guess he's smart
They done dumbed it down now, let's get smart
They done dumbed it down now, let's get smart
Let's get smart {"Pl-plus I'm very smart"}

Nah Preem, I ain't come around to dumb it down
I done started a revolution, I ain't runnin now
Cause I don't rap about havin fun, I'm underground
Cause the industry couldn't get me to become a clown
Mel said don't push him cause he close to the edge
The ones that fell, shit, most of 'em dead
It's ironic, if I had some bread they put the toast to your head
You just wanted to go to bed, you on a wanted poster instead
Tryin to be somethin you're not, got you frontin a lot
Stop usin hip-hop to corrupt the block
This nigga preachin his life that he doesn't live
That ain't the fact of the matter, look at what it does to the kids
Make 'em wanna grow up to be drug dealers
Leadin 'em down a dead end, you's a fuck nigga
If I could bring 'Pac back to send y'all to wherever he's at
Guess what Black people? We baaack~!

Yes this is Saigon, this is Mart (the Works of Mart)
They done dumbed it down now, let's get smart
They done dumbed it down now, let's get smart
Let's get smart, let's get smart
It's bigger than business, this is art
We done dumbed it down now, let's get smart
We done dumbed it down now, let's get smart
Let's get smart {"Plus I'm very smart"}

Whoever own WorldStar is a muh'fuckin genius
cause he ain't payin for that content
Niggaz grab cameras and record all this nonsense (WorldStar!)
Send it in to them and they get rich from advertise from the sponsors
All you get is a fucked up conscience
for bein a part of depictin your people as some kind of monsters
I'm from the tutelage of them Clark Kents
Bigots that's limitin hip-hop since it was still on the park bench
It's why my bars strong as cigar stench
Deadly like Agent Orange, or (A's) in arsenic
Can't defend myself cause I'm always on offense
The two don't give you a clue, the nine'll give y'all hints
It's Saigon and Premier up in here (yea-yeah!)
And we givin 'em think rap this year (yea-yeah!)
Sellin it to 'em shrink wrapped, this here?
Hottest shit in the street, this is heat right here (yea-yeah!)


Uhh, check
Preem, they try to turn our artform to popcorn
Long as we still rockin that is not for long
I dwell here 12 years, that's cause I belong
You drop a couple hot songs and your rocks is gone
Not many niggaz could call theyself what I did
Not many brothers done suffered as much as I did
You see my pain whenever I lift my eyelid
That's why I'm not in a category as Talib
I'll give you "The Greatest Story" cause that's what I lived
When I say it's +Pain in My Life+ that's what I had
Alright, so what I got money now, why should I brag?
In the hood they still can't afford iPads
Who you know just go and switch flows
like this? This should show I got lyrics to go, you know?
It's one thing when you're just havin fun with it
Y'all niggaz takin that dumb shit and runnin with it


[DJ Premier scratching:]
"Pl-, pl-pl-plus I'm very smart"
"Plus I'm v-v-very smart"
"Plus I'm, plus I'm, plus I'm very smart"
"Pl-pl-plus I'm v-v-very smart"

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