Who Sang Lefty’s Song? Sam Bush

Sam Bush Storyman cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-6-24
length: 3:58

[Verse 1]
Lefty Clark was a young man
He was a hands and sunday athlete
Wrote stories for the paper down on main street
Chances he had chances to escape this small town life
But his brother was deaf and dumb
And couldn’t be left behind
But depression was going strong then
Actors were on the role
One hot July girl came through
In a [?] show she was [?] and beautiful
A lady to her finger tips
As much at home in her velvet shoes
Was left he was in hills

The villain love on a courthouse square
But [?] her show
Moved on as she couldn’t stay
And left he couldn’t go

So the years passed
And left the crew old
But [?] brother home
And we [?] it was too late
To find any place sells and [?]
Some night let’s have a little whiskey
For the summer on this month
And open his trunk
And hold to [?]
Ans sit and cry
He’d sit and cry

[Verse 2]
Most of the time he was lefty
Who always had a joke
Was good to his friends and neighbors
And never [?] of being alone
He hits sixty-eight [?] by himself
With the buckle on his chin
The TV diner and the oven
And a few friends dropping in
[?] wants each food you chances
There’s just us in the world
Late that year if you finally heard
From the long lost velvet girl
She was still so beautiful
Tall, silver haired and browned
[?] like they used to take
Before last summer run half

She said better late than never
Like you said you took a while
She smoke her life with sadness
And he spoke with a smile
He’d sit and smile
He’d sit and smile
He’d sit and smile

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