Who Sang Oh My God? Sandpeople

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Release Date: 2009-5-26
length: 3:57
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Sapient: (spoken)
See, people get confused
And it makes us concerned
They're confused that we might be concerned
With their ideas of what we should be doing
Or whether we care about what they say
And that makes us concerned
But we're gonna keep doing what we've been doing
Mo-b: (spoken)
Fucking Sandpeople, cunt

I'm on that same dirty shit that I've been for years
Makin' y'all simpletons live in fear
Wipe your chinny chin chin from tears
I ain't insecure, I'm in the clear
You wanna diss, you disappear, son
I spit lava, it's Witchdoctor Sape
I ain't ever been caught up in the game
I can't win, got it
But you know that shit
I'm stayin' proactive, not the skin product
I'm symbolic, as solid as Rock of Gibraltar
The kids thought it was stigmata when I [...]
Cheese is key, but I can't live off of Ricotta
I'm trying to make cheddar like Wisconsin
But we're still havin' fun acting up
It feels good to be relaxed and fuckin' these yappers up
We pressin' on till we see the white flags come up
And stay on top of the Northwest like Canada

Sapient: (Oh my god)
Such sick phrases
It's insane that there's even any dicks hatin'

Illmaculate: (Oh oh oh)
Yeah our presence is felt
I'll admit it, I even said it myself, I'm like...

Onlyone: (Oh my god)
Feel the spirit, it's all about how it moves ya

Don't send them letters to me
Like I'm a read 'em cause please
We been told plenty of times all we reppin' is trees (true)
This the Northwest, what we gon' rep then?
That I-5 stretch from Nor Cal's our best friend (forever)
Shit, I'm a veteran at this
You produce estrogen, we producin' records that hit now (hit now)
We the next to put this town on the map
While y'all are busy flappin' your lips (wow)
These bitches act like Mortal Kombat
Scrap like they in cat fights with Lauren Conrad
This is on that same tip
Cause people talkin real loud typically ain't sayin shi--
Yeah, we catered a bit, smoke an eighth, drink a fifth
Put my face in some tits and wait for haters to get stage fright
Cause, shit, it ain't like we give a fuck what gets said
Just spell our name right

Ethic: (Oh my god)
We doin big things with a disdain for these shit stains

Illmaculate: (Oh oh oh)
When they thought we was finished
We steppin up every part of our business, they like...

Sapient: (Oh my god)
A course with accomplishments
Your letters to the editor, of course they're anonymous

I looks more like a Jethro
That don't mean I can't rep the West Coast shit
I'm as far as left goes
As far as the left goes, I'm putting 0's in front of decimal place
Yeah we nest those eggs, till we show that shit off like an exposé
They'd be like, okay, when the DJ drop that
The flow ridiculous as T-Pain's top hat

With scotch and a beer, we leave the thoughts and drop in your ear
Nothin's impossible with lotsa dough, that's the obstacle here
This is not a career, this is like audibly clear
Quality share, yeah, we at the top of the tier
Sandpeople stand equal, let 'em gossip this year
Like bitches, which is funny cause they probably queer
Y'all faggot rappers need to model brassieres and Prada purses
[...] disperse the verses to get it poppin in here

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  • 2 Hate Aside
  • 3 Oh My God
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  • 7 Goodbye World
  • 8 Left
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    label: Sandpeople Music
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 884501120456
    script: Latin