Who Sang Tell Me What You See in Me? Sandy Denny and the Strawbs

Release information
Release Date: 1991
length: 3:41
My ship sails in
On a cloud of broken promises
It's just not true
Not a single word she says
Time will tell
Whether I can change my ways
It might take years
It might even take always.

Tell me what you see in me
And I'll tell you what I see in you.

Your picture melts
Before my tired eyes
And all it leaves
Is just a trace of paradise
You'll change again
That's what I've been told
But don't take long
Or I might get too old.

Take it easy
But take it slow
For who knows which way next
That wind will blow
Time goes by
Just as quickly as I want it to
And I'll make out
Like I never knew.

CD 1
  • 1 Nothing Else Will Do
  • 2 Who Knows Where the Time Goes?
  • 3 How Everyone but Sam Was a Hypocrite
  • 4 Sail Away to the Sea
  • 5 And You Need Me
  • 6 Poor Jimmy Wilson
  • 7 All I Need Is You
  • 8 Tell Me What You See in Me
  • 9 I've Been My Own Worst Friend
  • 10 On My Way
  • 11 Two Weeks Last Summer
  • 12 Always on My Mind
  • 13 Stay Awhile With Me