Soft Place to Land Lyrics - Sara Bareilles

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Release information
Writer(s): Sara Bareilles
Release Date: 2015-6-11
length: 2:58
producer: Neal Avron
piano: Nadia DiGiallonardo
lead vocals: Sara Bareilles
mixer: Neal Avron
guitar: Blake Mills and Jared Scharff
drums (drum set): Aaron Sterling
assistant mixer: Scott Skrzynski
electric bass guitar: Jack Daley
composer: Sara Bareilles
lyricist: Sara Bareilles
Sugar, butter, flour
Sometimes I still see her
My mother the dreamer
She'd say, "Nothing's impossible child"

A dream needs believing
To taste like the real thing
Like some stranger you recognize
So pure, so pure, so electric
So sure, so sure, so connected
To those little believers inside
May we all be so lucky

But dreams are elusive
The kind we've gotten used to
Is nothing I can feel
Nothing I can hold, nothing I can have, nothing that I know
Dreams come and they go

But hold them and keep them (but hold them and keep them)
And know that you need them (and know that you need them)
When your breaking point's all that
You have a dream is a soft place to land

May we all be
So lucky
Sugar, butter, flour

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