Who Sang Turn? Sarah Brendel

Sarah Brendel Sarah Brendel cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Alternative Rock
length: 3:54
Turn, turn, turn your head and see
Step out of your secret silence feel
The world beneath your feet
Is yearning for a brighter day
Turn, turn, turn the mirror blind
Turn, turn, turn and stand in line
For the life that you’ve been running from
Is the life you long to find

Grace deeper then the stars
She opens up the door
She’s way ahead of time
She opens up the door
She’s way ahead of time
She is like the stars

Turn, turn point of no return
Turn, turn you’ll either freeze or burn
Your heavy yoke’s been lifted long ago
You blossom in your apathy
While someone else is fading slow

Your light will be revealed
Don’t let it stay concealed
Oh, there’s no delay
You drift on numbered days

CD 1
  • 1 Commidity
  • 2 Fire
  • 3 Turn
  • 4 Breathing In
  • 5 King I Love
  • 6 Catherine Wheel
  • 7 Pardon Me
  • 8 Confused
  • 9 Babel Towers
  • 10 No More