Who Sang Red Yellow Sun? Sarah Fimm

Release information
Release Date: 2009-8
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Trip Hop/Pop Rock
length: 4:07
Such is the cage that has been offered
Don't hide your face away in melted corners
Shivering early now and often
I am the bird that beats inside the coffin

No cloud obscures this red yellow sun
And I lie alone quietly awake

I will never leave you in this hollow
But I am the bird whose wings you like to borrow
Little did I know you were the silence

No cloud obscures
This red yellow sun
And I lie
And I lie

No greater god
No greater tether
Our hell and our heaven
Always be together

No cloud obscures this red yellow sun
When love and love become One.

CD 1
  • 1 Horizon
  • 2 Red Yellow Sun
  • 3 Maryjane
  • 4 Crumbs and Broken Shells
  • 5 Violet
  • 6 Guardian
  • 7 To Be Alive
  • 8 How Does It Feel
  • 9 Only the Sum Of
  • 10 Levi
  • 11 Burning