Who Sang Simply Complicated? Sarah Sadler

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Genre: Pop
length: 3:13
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We read like a magic book
Everyday a different look
Nothing here is black and white
It's simply complicated
You've been stumbling through my heart
Should we stop or should we start/
I don't think I understand
It's simply complicated

You're lovely, and forever will be
I find you, then you lose me
I know you, you're a mystery and
I wonder why it's so confusing

Are your wrong or am I right
We make up and then we fight
Is it just a fact of life
Is simply complicated
I'm a key thats hard to turn
You're a lesson left unlearned
It's not that anyone's at fault
It's simply complicated


You're guarded, you show it
You love me, I know it
Why don't you just say it?
No telling what makes you that way
Simply Complicated

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