Who Sang What a Day? Saukrates

Saukrates Season One cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-4-24
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 4:44
If you scared say you scared
one of the above
feel fear lust
we all are scared of love
I fear trust
give me a penny for every time you ask a question and I pose like uh
give me on a millionaire type buzz
so many dimes but I like her
'cause she be on feen on like church
in the tight skirt rule the dice nerd, nerd

she is what I want
she is what I need
send me in the zone, pure energy
I am like the night, fall into my knees
one more touch and it's on all in front of me
will we fall apart
when all is set and done
I don't wanna know
no I don't wanna know
keep my shades on,
'cause I don't wanna see yesterday anymore
is all in front of me

Gonna play take a walk
in the rain and say uh what a day, what a day
uh what a day, what a day
after longs washed away
you have nothing to say
ha ha uh what a day what a day
oh what a day, oh what a day
oh what a day

I try not to get jealous of you
'cause every time you enter int he room the fellows love you
and every time I'm in the room the ladies fall for
and we seem to steal the oxygen from each other
breathe I'm to conceited to conceive
defeat you too the..repeat, repeat the same mistakes
I'm the shine of night I'ma do whatever it takes to the queen
but the sword to my shoulders in
call me..season to blur
no wasn't the weed or the..to show my friend
and they E and seem to erase the dirt
no paranoia, do the bung bung I supply for you
the whine the dealers I adore you
just tell em the price they couldn't afford you
guess it was up and..and my federal
I say you was making me a better man
hey there's so much I wanna say
but I do more or less in a phrase
what a day ey


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