Who Sang I’m Alright Now? Savoy Brown

Savoy Brown Savage Return cover art
Release information
Writer(s): I. Ellis, K. Simmonds
Release Date: 1978
length: 4:47
IÂ'm alright now

itÂ's six oÂ'clock in the morning,
And iÂ've been off since a quarter to three.
IÂ've been a-thinking about the past
A-bringing back sweet memories.

I used to be dead too long,
And never thought I found a friend,
But since you came into my life
I never feel that way again.


and iÂ'm oh - oh - all, iÂ'm alright now,
Yes iÂ'm oh - oh - all, iÂ'm alright now,(iÂ'm in love with you baby>optional)
Yes iÂ'm oh - oh - all, iÂ'm alright now,
Yes iÂ'm alright now.

I used to sit alone and cry,
And watch the world pass on by,
But then you came knockinÂ'at my door,
You made me glad to be alive.



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