Who Sang You Owe Me? Scarface feat. Facemob

Facemob My Homies cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-3-3
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 3:17
Call me psychotive but I'm bad, ***** yo!
And I'ma do ya bad, black
And when I come, I'm bustin up *****s to hear me, black
Ya should of never let a ***** see
If there was *****s and *****es and *****es and *****s that hated me
Huh, I waited for my date to come-of-age
And now I'm of-age I can't escape the ****ing front page
So I guess that ***** D is up to hit again
I kicks the funky **** and coke, and stupid like I'm Gilligan
I'm P, supposed to hit a lick for a jack
The only thing I gained is the pain of *****s coming back
***** looking for they ****, aggravated and pissed
*****s they can't **** with my clique
I'm here to break em off for chunk
A D-E-A-T-H-L-Y, a **********ing punk
And I be rolling with the brass
Don't answer with the ziggers in your hood, he break your neck to roll apass, *****
Don't even stop to say "What up?" cause I bust for the ****
And pay some quick to light a ************ up
Next time you stop me on your block, I hope you leave the place
Or be the next to meet the Lord face-to-face
*****, I ain't the one to take no bullshit
Cause see a ***** like the D is game to empty out the full clip
So when I come for ya, act like ya know
Sitting **********ing smooth to the curb but you don't hear do'

I'ma bring ya to ya ******* (uh)
Do it like the G-to-O (yeah)
Busting on that *** but still I see that you don't hear me do'
(But you don't hear me do')
Bring ya to ya ******* (uh)
Do it like the G-to-O (yeah)
Busting on that *** but still I see that you don't hear me do'

It's time to **** em up, here it comes, blast, *****!
Thump to your chest and they coming out your ***, *****
I grew apart, livin my life as a criminal
*****s G to kill but still I see that you don't hear me do'
So I'ma serve it to ya fat, hit the deck, mate
Hit the deck mate, call me Flipper when I checkmate
D-um diverting nine, Tre-9, full Glock, Glock
My Glock making sounds and it don't stop
So ***** pass the swisha quick
And I'ma blaze til the ************ burn me off my fingertips
'Cause, see a ***** gotta saty high
I try to smoke til I can't smoke and then I won't smoke
But still I got my fingers on my ****
And click, click, click, ya die, die, die, ya dead, *****!
You tried to test the wrong *****, be a tested
Straight from St.Paul but clocking G's down in Texas
Some think I'm talk 'cause I play it cool
But I ain't the average ************, I do the **** that *****s won't do
Huh, like pistol whip a woodie for his bank
Then after that I gate and grab his ***** and do the samething
And I will pain up the *******
Collecting grips on my drips as I stroll but you don't hear me do'


Ain't no mistaking what I'm bringing, you ************s still ain't had enough
So I'ma continue to break you off for proper *** chunk
May it be 9, may it be a gauge, may it be a shank
Any way you come I'm in your **********ing ****, mate!
Huh, a ***** busting caps, smoking fires
Quick to bring it to your *** and keep on going til your *** die
And it ain't no running down them backstreets
Cause I got slugs to catch em with Carl Lewis on the track meet
Huh, and still you want to test a ***** so
Audi 5, *****, hate to see ya go but you don't hear me do'


Yeah, check it!

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