Who Sang Krunch Time? Scarface feat. K.B.

K.B. My Homies cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-3-3
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
performer: KB
[verse 1]

As I proceed to give your *** what ya need
A straight guerilla, that hit these *****s for the scrilla
The wig spliter, I **** this 44 revolver, the problem solver
Step and get wet, like saliva
Like pearl harbor, I bomb mutha****as
Got a whole army, so bring it on mutha****as
You gets no ends, ****in with interface, *****
Your facin death, cause it's a whole clique of killas
And cap peelas, *****s that don't give a **** about they damn self
You'll get your *** heated up, beat a ***** blue
And now we wanna get his crew, I take his whole crew
And I go through em like the flu
I finish *****s
Got more clan than menace *****s
I pull triggas, bring the pain to ***** *****s
And terrorize, and I could see it in they eyes
I capitalize, when it's down to krunch time, it's krunch time

[verse 2]

Hoe's phase em all
Cause I'm mac like mall
But **** a brawl, I beat a ***** to my hall
Country is hell, straight from the land of atl
Got a gang of dope, except I sell it from the shelf
A million sells, and now these mutha****as jealous
Schemein and plottin, and then they asses smell rotten
Lost and forgotten, they shoulda known there ain't no stoppin
*****s be floppin, releasin **** when I be droppin
Some try to copy, bullshit be sounding sloppy
But they can't get me, them *****s suck like a hickey
The rhyme sender, drop your **** and surrender
You're no contender, make *****s fall like November
In the ****in rumble, you'll see the biggest ***** crumble
Tryin to tumble, I make the widest ***** humble
Big as mutumbo, stepped away for 44
Your *** is dying, goddamit, in krunch time, it's krunch time

[verse 3]

I hope now you see, that can't nobody **** with me
In this industry and in the f-a-see-e
The ****in label, with straight guerillas in the stable
Hit ya like cable, ain't no mutha****as able to stop my crew
Interface run ****, and if you *****s can't recognize
Your *** die quick
*****, you're askin to catch a casket
I'm so drastic, pullin the trigger back like elastic
And blasted your whole area, hoe I bury ya
For layin your mouth ahead of ya
I'm the predator, and you the prey
***** watch what you say, I keep this ak
So mutha****a make my day
There's no escapin from this full blooded ape and
You made a mistake-in, and now the beast has awakened
Time to take your life, *****
You shoulda thought twice
Now your *** is mine, mutha****a, in krunch time, it's krunch time

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