Scent of Flesh - Beneath the Tombstones Lyrics

release date: 2003
genres: Rock
styles: Death Metal
length: 3:53
Abomination starts to move
Eyes open
I'm alive

I died but still I can breath
And still I can feel my corpse rotting in agony
This pain is unbearable
Inhumane suffering
My death has made me a lunatic

Here I rot in my coffin
In my own grave
No light shines in this darkness

Maggots crawl all over me
Under my skin they're eating flesh
As I scream, as I decay
Reek of rot is all I smell
Vomiting will never end
No one hears my screams

So morbid I am
So insane I am
So dark is my grave
So blind are my eyes
So black is my blood
So strong is the pain
For I am dead

Among the others
Those who are halfeaten
I hear their desperate screams
I sense their pain
And now I join them
I join the horde of cursed
Beneath the tombstones
We howl as we rot

Track Listing
  • 1 Cursed to Suffer
  • 2 Eternity in Torment
  • 3 Dark Years of Carnage
  • 4 Witness My Madness
  • 5 Drowned Into the Darkness
  • 6 Rotten, Shattered, Burned and Spoiled
  • 7 Feed the Greed
  • 8 Beneath the Tombstones
  • 9 Towards Eternal Lost
  • 10 Reign in Violent Perfection