Scent of Flesh - Cursed to Suffer 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2003
ジャンル: Rock
スタイル: Death Metal
length: 4:26
Slowly cold blade sinks deep into chest
Bloodstreaked vomit gushes from mouth
Body still wriggles as cold hands rip the heart out
First victim of the dead
Shattered is his head
Dead must be fed
Blood spills from his throat
As his corpse still tries to scream
For ending to this misery

They are awaken
Dead eyes have opened
Bloodlusted legion
Heralds of darkness

Rise from graves
Madness released
Your last breath
When dead feast
Insane they are in their decayed brains
Cursed to suffer from unholy pain
Walking the earth beneath a blackened sky
For your flesh and blood are still alive
You must die, they want your blood

  • 1 Cursed to Suffer
  • 2 Eternity in Torment
  • 3 Dark Years of Carnage
  • 4 Witness My Madness
  • 5 Drowned Into the Darkness
  • 6 Rotten, Shattered, Burned and Spoiled
  • 7 Feed the Greed
  • 8 Beneath the Tombstones
  • 9 Towards Eternal Lost
  • 10 Reign in Violent Perfection