Scent of Flesh - Feed the Greed Lyrics

release date: 2003
genres: Rock
styles: Death Metal
length: 3:25
My nature sickening and vile
Abomination violation within
I become blood lusted hostile
Remains of mind
Senseless being of lunacy

Maiming, dissecting, blade cutting deep
Pain, torment, after torture you die
Wrath, lust, feelings deeply decayed
Once again disgusting thing is made

Eat the flesh
Consume the entrails
To disfigure
And self disgrace
In vain you grow
For me you breed
To damnation
Feed the greed

Darkness fills me
Obsessed to kill and devastate
From humanity I alienate
Beast begins to dominate
Mentally ill
No therapy can cure a soul
Decayed before born
Infernal evil eternally

Track Listing
  • 1 Cursed to Suffer
  • 2 Eternity in Torment
  • 3 Dark Years of Carnage
  • 4 Witness My Madness
  • 5 Drowned Into the Darkness
  • 6 Rotten, Shattered, Burned and Spoiled
  • 7 Feed the Greed
  • 8 Beneath the Tombstones
  • 9 Towards Eternal Lost
  • 10 Reign in Violent Perfection