Who Sang Contradiction? Schammasch

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Release Date: 2014-4-28
length: 10:31
Worship what you've burned,
burn what you've worshipped

harkening to the voice of silence
for the only word is silence
and the only meaning of that word
is not
ascension through fall
into highest abyss
cast me into the dark
devoid of meaning disguised as bliss
my searing flesh
burning through thy kiss
wandering on bottomless ground
I followed the serpent's hiss

son of spirit
thy tears to dust
father of flesh
thy will to stone

dreaming awake
in constant movement
may thy will break
as heaven's descent
I am you

I walk on divided water
I walk through extinguished flames

to obey is freedom
you glare at me in defiance and die
for love is averseness and death
and death, not averseness is love
Rien n"est faux qui soit vrai ; rien n"est vrai qui soit faux. Tout est le contraire de songe, de mensonge.

I am your slave
I am god
you are my slave
I am god
we are all slave
we are all god

celebration of uncreation
parturition of the unborn
horizons are flowing through my veins
as I drink your holy wine

ecclesiastical masochism
in devoted betrayal I burn
for love is defiance in sadism
for detestion in love do we yearn
I hear your silence
I forgot how to forget
living on ashes
I breathe not air but dust
whining in deafness
woman at my feet
burn in these oceans of tears
and shine in devotion

words are but the fuel, running the scheme of life's mine map
... are but the blood to cherish vipers in our breast
... are but the howling of solitude enslavement
we burn all...

...waters to dust
drown in liquid fire
light of the frozen sun
star at its rising
watch the stars die today
dying to live
as below so above

enslaved by eternal freedom of a macrocosmical microcosm
from where I do see everything through an eye that is closed
from where I do know everything through a mind that is void
salvation is the contradiction of everything we know that is

CD 1
  • 1 Contradiction
  • 2 Split My Tongue
  • 3 Provoking Spiritual Collapse
  • 4 Until Our Poison Devours Us
  • 5 Crown
    CD 2
  • 1 The Inner Word
  • 2 Serpent Silence
  • 3 Golden Light
  • 4 JHWH