Who Sang Roasted Cadaver? Scorpion Wind

Scorpion Wind Heaven Sent cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1996
length: 3:52
writer: Boyd Rice, Douglas P
arranger: Douglas P
I am the night that robs you of light
The night wind that chills to the bone
I am the cold stillness, the stars and the harshness
The darkness you wander alone
I am the sun that parches the desert
I am that desert where you meander forever
I am the heat that scorches your feet
As you collapse miles from the water
I am the vulture that feeds and feasts
On the flesh of your bloated cadaver
I am the rain that subdues the heat
Albeit for you I arrive somewhat late
But in time to wash the dust from your bones
And moisten the place you repose all alone
I am the breeze that scatters the leaves
The storm that turns towns upside down
I am the wind, the rain and the thunder
The furious torrent that rips all asunder
And tears what is dead, and that which is living
Without regard for what I'm taking or leaving

CD 1
  • 1 Love Love Love (Equilibrium)
  • 2 Preserve Thy Loneliness
  • 3 In Vino Veritas
  • 4 Paradise of Perfection
  • 5 Roasted Cadaver
  • 6 The Cruelty of the Heavens
  • 7 There Is No More Sleep
  • 8 Some Colossus
  • 9 The Path of the Cross
  • 10 Never
  • 11 Message...