Who Sang Too Late? Scratch feat. Damon Albarn & Talib Kweli

Release information
Release Date: 2009-6-1
Genre: Hip Hop
composer: Talib Kweli, Hi‐Tek
Son, son what has become of your lawless heart, the right wing leaves shadows in your eyes.
But she don't love me anymore, just too late for her................

Gone Gone the stars have gone, sworn out on the road, up to the big house on the hill.
But she don't live there anymore. Shes tired of waiting for me.........

Talib Kweli:

There she goes x 3

See, she was my manifesto

I love the California sun, we out in San Fransisco

Your man official, how it bubble like a pot of Crisco.
I never Leave you in the hole, this ain't Apocalypto. Clearly you got some issues.

Man she hit me in the heart with the pocket pistol

She said she's never coming back. Some how I kinda missed her

Back to Damon Albarn:
Oh Lord what have I done, what was my mistake.
These tears are all I have to give.
Cause she dont love me anymore, Just too late for her...................

(Inaudible chatter)
(Damon Albarn Laughing)

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Let’s Go
  • 3 Tonite
  • 4 If Our Love Was a Song
  • 5 Ready to Go
  • 6 Get the Fuck Outta Here
  • 7 The Man
  • 8 Everytime
  • 9 Too Late
  • 10 Midnight Hour
  • 11 I’ll Be There for You
  • 12 Fade Away
  • 13 Girl I’m Gonna Make You
  • 14 So Hard to Find My Way