Who Sang Loyalty? Screwball feat. Cormega

Cormega Loyalty cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap
length: 4:26
producer: Godfather Don
f/ Cormega

Yo, loyalty is worht more than wealth
In a world where niggas be all for self
I got friends who never call til they want help
Beg me to show love I don't recieve from them
And hurt me, cuz I'll bleed for them
But is it worth me risking being free for them
I got a lot more to lose and thoughts a lot more secluded
Yours a lot more polluted, what should I do man?
Bitches clockin my dick like the blue van
My nigga Blue Pad, I see he was one of my true man
The same nigga life I saved
Defy my name ???
Niggas, unrighteous ways
You up they wanna stop you
Down they talk about you, even ya friends'll rob you (Ya heard?)
You think I'm lyin' ask Rich Porter mom duke
This shit is real, uhh...
Give me a bitch thats faithful or a friend who won't snake you
and loyalty unlike my previous label
And all my niggas on the run be careful
The cops don't know ya secret but'cha MAN DO (Ya heard?)

Loyalty, never give it til its earned nigga
Thats the reason I wasn't with The Firm nigga
All I got from Big Spank and Sherm nigga
Somethin that a lotta snakes don't deserve nigga
Loyalty, never give it til its earned nigga
Why I wasn't with The Firm nigga
All I got from Big Spank and Sherm nigga
It's Loyalty

I thought I seen it all with friendship and money
Dealin with fiends gettin head from the same honey
My old man, a mutual friend tried to capitalize
Sabotage the enterprise, STUPID
He almost fucked us up
We on same page, same stage, same shine
Feelings I've been holdin back speakin my mind
I helped feed ya kids, woulda bust my nine
Protected my life, woulda sacrificed mine
Help you down on stage when you fucked up ya rhymes
Cuz you was too bent up to remember ya lines
But you really hurt our hearts the most cuz you was close
Stabbed us in the back over bullshit contracts
Befriend me befriend us, now you disliked
Caught up in ya own hype, feelin ya own snake bite
I don't plan on dissin you in interviews
You taught me a lesson, I learned ???
Thats why we named this album Screwball Loyalty

What'cha'll niggas know about going out for the fam
You got beef, I got beef, yo understand?
Loyalty, what it means to me
Blood sweat and tears
Niggas you thugged with, bugged with for years
One love all my duns bust one slug
Screwball I'm still loyal to you while you up above
I'm still reppin' I'm still wylin' I'm still raw to the floor
Like my niggas on the Island
And all you fake niggas, snake niggas get the fuck outta here
'Fore the shotty hit ya face nigga
I'm the same nigga, insane nigga
Screwball we came to regulate the game nigga
Fuck everybody else we goin' for delf
Married to the game in sickness and in health
Real niggas roll with my family
All for one, one for all motherfuckin loyalty

CD 1
  • 1 The Intro
  • 2 Like a Gangsta
  • 3 Where You At
  • 4 Live and Let Die
  • 5 Torture
  • 6 Check the Resume
  • 7 When the Sun Goes Down
  • 8 Turn It Up
  • 9 I Spit
  • 10 Loyalty
  • 11 Real Niggaz
  • 12 Gorillas
  • 13 My Niggas
  • 14 Too High. Too Low
  • 15 Streetlife
  • 16 The Booth
  • 17 The Bio
  • 18 Gotta Believe
  • 19 Screwed Up

  • Release information
    label: Landspeed Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin