Who Sang Your Own? Secret Discovery

Release information
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Electro/Goth Rock/Hard Rock
length: 3:45

Sorry that I ask you now
Sorry but I want to know
Why did you expect that it's yours, yours and onl yours
Sorry that I ask you now
But someone has to do somehow
How can you believe that I'm yours, like everything you have
I am not your own
Think about everything ou do
And paint the sky forever blue
But one thing you should know; that me I am not your own
Think about all that you possess
It's not as much as it seems to be
Keep it all in mind and stay forever blind
I am not your own

CD 1
  • 1 I Don't Care
  • 2 Follow Me
  • 3 Slave to the Rhythm
  • 4 A Simple Impression
  • 5 American Lifestyle
  • 6 Night Falls
  • 7 Seductive Angel
  • 8 New Generation
  • 9 Your Own
  • 10 Serious Days
  • 11 Kill Me