Who Sang Fuzzy and Blue (and Orange)? Sesame Street

Release information
Release Date: 1983
length: 2:37
Fuzzy and blue
That's me, I'm fuzzy and blue
It's just the way I grew
Love being fuzzy and blue
I do!
I'm fuzzy and blue
You see I'm fuzzy and blue
Yeah, me I'm happy to be
So fuzzy and blue

[Herry Monster]
Me too!
I'm fuzzy and blue
I'm oh so fuzzy and blue
No other color will do
Not when I'm beautifully blue

It's true
He's fuzzy and blue

[Herry Monster] All over
Grover: Fuzzy and blue
[Herry Monster] Like Grover
[Grover and Herry Monster:] Look at us two
We're fuzzy and blue
Fuzzy and blue

[Herry Monster] I'm blue
Grover: I'm fuzzy
[Grover and Herry Monster:] Fuzzy and blue
Grover: I'm blue
[Herry Monster] He's fuzzy
[Grover and Herry Monster:] How do you do?
We're fuzzy and blue

[Cookie Monster:] Yoo-hoo!
Fuzzy and blue, me said me fuzzy and blue
From head to bottom of shoe
That right, me fuzzy and blue

[Grover, Herry Monster and Cookie Monster:] Me too!
We're fuzzy and blue
Yippee, we're fuzzy and blue
We three, oh, don't you wish you were fuzzy and blue?

[Frazzle] {grumbling}
[Grover] (Frazzle, you are not fuzzy and blue
You are fuzzy and orange)

[Frazzle] (grumbling)
[Grover] (All right, all right; just thought I'd mention it
Hit it boys!)

[All] Fuzzy and blue (and orange)
We all are fuzzy and blue (and orange)
Love bein' fuzzy and blue (and orange)
Whatever we do ...

[Herry Monster] Is everybody fuzzy?
[All] Fuzzy and blue
We're fuzzy and blue.

[Cookie Monster] All this talk of fuzzy and blue make me hungry for blanket

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