Who Sang Turn? Shachah

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Release Date: 2009-8-25
length: 3:33
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Verse 1:
Choose ye this day who you will follow cause there is no in between
Either you"re with God or at war with enmity sin sick or more or the cure the remedy we live in the world with the mind on the heavenly
And it"s a time where the people are watching waiting for a new trend loving various options anything to mask all the scariest topics
And all this is happening right in front of our optics but it"s on right now and we should let them know it"s not all right now I"m feeling the effects of the fall right now trade your sin sweater for an all white gown get em all like how did he ever transform from the one we knew young aloof to man that stands for truth the standards proof take that and recruit a band of troops that march till the war is through come on
Time is escaping us one tick older each step taken that"s another step closer life worth living or another cold shoulder turned to the living God turn to the living God
Verse 2:
Make no mistake it"s not works not deeds alone not things not a church not to each his own not all roads lead to God well no cause all roads do lead to God on a white throne that"s The Judgement what"s this every man is appointed to die once then you"re judged based upon if your faith is placed in the one true Christ who"s life was perfection death brought life to the sin sick hopeless thank you Jesus the only sin debt God"s wrath appeaser the conquering lion of the tribe of Judah the resurrection and the life and a righteous ruler of God"s creation I pray we stay in communion with the one and the root of David the stone that the builders rejected call Him savior if not when He comes you can stay here

Turn to the Living God (repeats)

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    label: Cross Movement Records
    country(area): [Worldwide]
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin