Who Sang We Are the Ones (Reservoir Poetry)? Shad

Shad TSOL cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2010-5-25
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Jazzy Hip-Hop
length: 4:10
:Yeah, yeah, check it.

Love, I get so lost

Lost as Mathew Fox/
Sad dude in a bad mood rising/
Bad mood, feelin' down
Bad music/
Call him in Neptunes/
'Seein' Sounds'/
Down like a running back grabbed my tounsils/
Got red drippin' on my new sneaks/
Slipped on my two feet/
Toes in the air
I'm livin' on a nude beach/
And everybody here's on a two peice/
While my souls bare/
Spelled on a calculater/
True School rapper with middle school humor/
Old School like Will Ferrel with no school tutorel/
'It's not a tumor'/
That was a flat out rumor/
My head never swelled/
But you a__ume the ballooned/
Mindstate will inflate into Myspace/
At a high rate/
It makes me irrate/
But Moduel is lunor/
And he's a tune up/
Makes it hard to drive straight/
Imagining gravity/
Defian havin' it thought/
Of it parked sideways/
In my driveways/
So that I know every four or five days/
The other two have slipped up, ablaze/

I gotta listen to the rest...

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Rose Garden
  • 3 Keep Shining
  • 4 Lucky 1's
  • 5 A Good Name
  • 6 We Are the Ones (Reservoir Poetry)
  • 7 Telephone
  • 8 Call Waiting (interlude)
  • 9 Yaa I Get It
  • 10 Listen
  • 11 At the Same Time
  • 12 We, Myself and I
  • 13 Outro