Why You Treat Me So Bad Lyrics - Shaggy feat. Grand Puba

Grand Puba Boombastic cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995-7-11
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop Reggae Pop
Style: House/Ragga/Dancehall/Jungle
length: 3:50
guest lead vocals: Grand Puba
performer: Grand Puba
composer: Robert Livingston, Bob Marley, Shaggy, Grand Puba
Gran puba: what, situation here dis is shaggy gand puba style

Shaggy: in a dancehall style wicked, whya so versatile chu
Why must she treat so bad

Puba:I don't know why she treat like that
Why must she treat so bad
If it's scheming it's scheming like a demon
Why must she treat so bad

Shaggy: why that girl treat me so bad girl
Why must she treat so bad

Puba: hey shaggy we ain't having it, let'em know what time it is

Shaggy: apple in my eye an the key to my yacht
She's the only girl I desire from the start
And if we get together never part
But every time I talk to her she try to blow me off
She keeps trying to avoid
Me to tell the truth girl this really annoys me
But I'm the number one champion
Tha doberman ere on the microphone stand
She says

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