Who Sang I Think I Love You? Shanice

Release information
Release Date: 1987-10
length: 3:40
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[Verse 1:]
I love to want you
All day long
Everything you do right
Can't be wrong

See, that for some reason
I can't explain
I lose my composure
When I hear your name

Really like I wanna
Know you better
Maybe you and me could get together

There's so many things
That we could do
Baby, won't you just say
Me and you

Ooh, I think I love you
Think that is the real thing
I think I'm in love
Pulling on my heartstrings, baby

Ooh, I think I love you
I think I'm in love
Could you feel the same way too?

[Verse 2:]
Think I'd like to get you
To take me home
You could meet my family
Or we could be alone

Doesn't really matter
I don't care
I could stay forever
As long as you are there

Baby, say you'll be mine
Don't say no
I got all these feelings I like to show

Tell me that you love me
Be there for you, baby
That's right
I'm yours

[Repeat Chorus x2:]

[Verse 3:]
Life is such a party
When you're around
But when I really want you
You can't be found

If you want somebody
I truly feel
Then all the love for you
And you know it's real

[Repeat Chorus:]

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  • Release information
    label: A&M Records
    country(area): United States
    script: Latin