Who Sang Please Don't Ask Me? Sharon Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta Nothing I Want More cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-1-6
length: 4:05

Please don't ask me
What am i thinking
It's about you
And please don't ask me
I never can see you
What can i do
My first impulse is to
Run to your side
My heart's not free
And so i must hide
Please don't ask me
What i'm gonna say to you
I toss and turn
Can't sleep at night
It's worrying me, I go to bed
Turn out the light
But your face i see
It only hurts
The more i pretend
That we could ever
Be more than friends
Please don't ask me
Why I'm so in love with you
You could easily make me happy
That I know
But I try my best to
Never tell you so
I will sing to you my love songs
And pretend but I'll keep my
Secrets right down
To the end
Please don't ask me why
I'm not talking
I just can't explain
And please don't ask me
Why I go walking out in the rain
I could not live the
Lie it would take
To have you near would be a mistake
Please don't ask me
Why I'm still in love with you
No please don't ask me

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