Who Sang Good Ol’ U.S.A.? Shaver

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length: 2:45
In the good ol' USA I'm proud to say
We got brand new action
Good old fashion, too
And the future's so bright
Like stars in the night
Just smilin' down on everything we do

With great big harvest moon
And happy lover's too
While sweethearts promenade 2 by 2
Look at you look at me
We're as lucky as can be
We got hold of something here worth holding to
Yeah the USA is made for me and you

In the good ol' USA I'd just like to say
Tomorrow's dreams are always coming true
And the whole blessed world
All the little boys and girls
Are counting on the old red, white and blue

We got faith in the Lord
We got Chevrolet's and Ford's
We got folks working hard to see us through
All the people of the earth
Gonna get their money's worth
By betting on the land of the free
Yeah the USA is here for you and me