Who Sang When the Fallen Angels Fly? Shaver

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length: 4:04
I have climbed so many moutains,just to reach the other side
And i've near drowned myself in freedom,just to feed my foolish pride
On my journey through the darkness,i have finally seen the light
I know no one's ever loved me like you're loving me tonight

There is something you must tell me,you think i won't understand
How you found such worldy pleasures,in the arms of other men
I would never try to judge you,we have both been wrong and right
But i know no one's ever loved you like i'm loving you tonight

God will save His fallen angels,and their broken wings He'll mend
When He draws their hearts together and they learn to love again
All their sins will be forgiven in the twinkle of an eye
All the saints rejoice in Heaven,when the fallen angels fly

There's a story in the bible,about the eagle growing old
How it grows new sets of feathers,then becomes both young and strong
Then it spreads its mightly wing span out across the open sky
We will have the wings of eagles,when the fallen angels fly

When the fallen angels fly,when the fallen angels fly
We will have the wings of eagles when the fallen angels fly