Who Sang Times of a Madman, Trials of a Thief? Shawn Phillips

Shawn Phillips Collaboration cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1971
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk Rock/Soft Rock
length: 2:46
Times of a madman and trials of a thief
Appalling decisions of squalling belief
Basking in bedrooms that hookers bequeath and they search for pleasure
Constant confusion calamities' plight
Doubtless it doubles the devil's delight
Easy as dying away from the light and they're dead in leisure
Footing the future as part of the bill
God is within you and works through your will
Hating to stay there and watch while you kill all your sons and daughters
Imminent idols absurdly enchant
Justification to rave and to rant
Knighting is over we've learned how to plant and we'll change things gently
Love is the lotus of white baby blue
Man and his woman collapse when it's true
Never some try it 'cause they're scared of you but the fire is raging
Open your mind and your heart to be still
Peace is the endlessly crest of the hill
Quietly shattering and soft as a quill then it stays forever
Reality's frozen in art and your heart
Simply believe it and then you can start
Truth is the answer and not just a part yet the word's been spoken
Unity struggles on this speck of dust
Valiantly scraping the fast forming rust
World is as beauty it's under the crust in its formless phases
Xenophobes revel in ignorant fear
You are belittled when this is too near
Zoning's absurd and it shouldn't be here for we all are living
lc ddtom

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