Who Sang How I Love You? Sheek Louch feat. Styles P

Styles P Walk Witt Me cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-9-16
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 4:53
{Sheek} (speaking)
Yo I mean, you been there for me
You know what I'm sayin, and ya know
And I won't do you wrong ever again, nah mean, and you just, you been there
And I'ma be there for you from now on, you know what I mean
I ain't gonna neglect you, I ain't gonna do none of that ****
You got my full undivided attention, and you know what I'm sayin
And I'm not afraid to say it, I love you, I love you, I love her, **** it, I love her.

Uh huh
Let's go

(How I love you)
Ha, I ain't afraid to say it, uh uh, I'ma thug, (How I love you)
More than that, I'ma man, ya know what I mean (How I love you)
I'm in love, you my *****, my ***** (How I love you)
Let's go

(Verse 1)
I used to dream about you watchin every move you made (yeah)
I was young though, I think third or second grade (ok)
I'd go home, write a poem, put it right to a beat
What I would do, what I would say if we would one day meet
Started getting older, still lovin your style
How you dressed, how you drove the whole 80's wild
I was proud when you first got on MTV (ooh)
You was in the video chillin with Run-DMC
That's my girl (that's my girl)
Little ***** fiendin to hit it
Knowin one day in the future I'd be right up in it
Started doin talent shows, I had it off the hook
You was there but you was too big, you wouldn't even look
I ain't mad you ain't noticed til I got with a group
But even then it wasn't nothin 'less I got in the coupe (Damn)
Got me goin crazy, every day you switch up on me
Puttin that in my face knowin me so horny

{Styles P}

(How I love you)
You all I got (all I got)
You all I want (all I want)
You all I need (all I need)
(How I love you)
From day 1 (day 1)
Till my death bed (til I die)
You all I breathe (uh huh)
(How I love you)
I'm disciplined (disciplined)
I'm dedicated (dedicated)
And determined too (determined)
(How I love you)
You got your ups and downs (ups and downs)
But I don't really mind (I don't mind)
I still ride wit you still ride

(Verse 2)
Ok, listen
The group doin good (yeah), still in the hood (uh huh)
Got a nickname Sheek now you startin to speak (Sheek)
Said you want to **** wit all three if that's ok (ok)
I'm like cool, once I hit it it was that anyway
A couple years gone passed, still havin a ball
A million times got the pictures on my wall
When I first hit it, I was like Sheek the man (you the man)
I stopped givin you the attention I originally planned
Then you stopped ****in wit me (oh)
And left me alone
And people only seen you with Jada and P (That's my mans)
You even went around town and started doggin me bad (Damn)
But it was my fault ya know, I couldn't even get mad (Ok)
Had to grab the pen and pad and get right back
Write some more poems to your *** and get back on track (Whoo)
I ain't go no problems telling you I love you to death
And that I'm whipped
And my ****'ll be blown if you skip
Let's go

A'yo I had to hit the streets, they said you be out there a lot
And I can find you around any ***** out that's hot
Every club, every whip, every gambling spot
You know you'd rather be with me, you like to bug out
Love to bring the thug out
Plus I be keeping it tight
We even go to work together, let you play all night
Mad loud while I sit and I write
We gon' see the world together
But not on cable
All your friends lovin me, you even got me a label
Got the magazines lovin our relations
People love to hear us talk, DJ's record our conversations
You good around other people, 'specially kids
You make them happy, even brothers doin their bids
And I ain't jealous at all (uh uh), go out and spread your wings
And you can hang with Pop, just pick up the phone when it rings
Let's go

I ain't gon' lie to why'all, I'm whipped (whoo)
(How I love you)
(How I love you)
(How I cry)
(How I love you)

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